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Oh god, there you go again... no I'm not talking about those people who do nothing but spend their lives day and night doing nothing but hang out in arcades to one day compete in a competition.
But they're the only ones who have managed to master such a complex game! That's why the game is complex. What kind of argument are you trying to pull here?

I'm talking about gamers losing to beginners luck of button mashing, if that has never happened to you than you're a bullshit liar or only plays games by himself.
Yes, that has happened to me, mostly because I'm not such a good player. It stops happening once you get to understand how the game works.

Quite frankly I'm done with you here, yes you're right about everything your opinion is all omnipotent and shall never be questioned again. /end discussion.
Let's see:

Me: JRPGs are simple games.
You: No, they're not. There's no such thing as a complex game *pulls fighting game argument*
Me: Fighting games are extremely complex and take a lot of time of actively learning and playing against other people to master.
You: I'm not talking about those people who try their best to master the game, since it's so hard.
Me: wut?

Yes, awesome discussion right there.

To be honest, there's absolutely no problem with JRPGs being simple. I don't like that, but there's no reason why anyone can't like that. However, you can't just blatantly go around saying that there's no such thing as a complex game, even less when you try to pull such a ridiculous example as a fighting game (lol).

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