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Before we go on, let's clear something. The term "role play" has been greatly mistaken to be farming/griding/buying and selling. That is not role play; it's statistics growth. Role play is about playing a character. And a character cannot be any random set of polygons that no matter what haircolour or height you give him/her during creation, he/she will act the same in any case in the game. Role play is about limitations and specializations in behaviour. NOT ups n' downs in statistics.
Many games for example have the alliance aspect, where a good willing character can't steal and a evil willing character can't enter holy places. This way no matter how well you play a character, he/she will never unlock everything in the game.
Role play is also about being able to affect the outcome of cetain events. And sadly very few RPG games so far allow you to change the ending. I don't know if paths in date sims count as well but games with multiple endings are a way of showing true interaction in the story.

Does anyone remember Vagrant Story? That game had amazing visuals, unique features, special story... and it was frakking hard! I had to get a guide and it was still hard! But I did enjoy the damn thing.

Then I tried to plat ICO and Shadow of Colossus. Interaction with the enviroment was amazing but the story... well, it alienated me. The atmosphere was great but the story was just an excuse and that way I lost interest soon.

Down to it, strategy games are the best category for me to enjoy a game with a simple story. I caught myself several times trying to win a battle just for the sake of winning the battle with proper planning and didn't give a damn about the story. As I did with the first Killer Instict, a rather medium fighting game with amazing techno music. I just used Spinal's teleportation attack and bashing move to win through almost any duel. Repetitive but I enjoyed it.
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