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Originally Posted by WanderingKnight View Post
But they're the only ones who have managed to master such a complex game! That's why the game is complex. What kind of argument are you trying to pull here?

Yes, that has happened to me, mostly because I'm not such a good player. It stops happening once you get to understand how the game works.

Let's see:

Me: JRPGs are simple games.
You: No, they're not. There's no such thing as a complex game *pulls fighting game argument*
Me: Fighting games are extremely complex and take a lot of time of actively learning and playing against other people to master.
You: I'm not talking about those people who try their best to master the game, since it's so hard.
Me: wut?

Yes, awesome discussion right there.

To be honest, there's absolutely no problem with JRPGs being simple. I don't like that, but there's no reason why anyone can't like that. However, you can't just blatantly go around saying that there's no such thing as a complex game, even less when you try to pull such a ridiculous example as a fighting game (lol).
Well I personally think your both are right The problem with both your arguments of what game is simple and which game is complex is that you both make the mistaken assumption on each other perceptions rather than statistical data or analysis. Thus you're both claiming to be right on something that ultimately is based on personal opinions.

Using the fighting game discussion as an example one can see that the basic components of a fighting game is simple because it has the basic functions of punches, kicks and one or two special moves. It's a pretty simple layout. Than again one can say the game is complex, because it takes skill to learn the moves efficiently. That is really the basis of your arguments. Even then one can argue that the game is still simple, because it's not the game in itself that is complex but the individual person. But than the other person can counter by saying yes the person makes the game complex, but doesn't that mean the game in itself has a set of functions to allow such complexity.

Ultimately this is an argument that can keep going, because it is based on opinion.

on a second note I think story is more important than game play, but the game play has to atleast be at a point where the game is playable. Some of my favorite games are the old dos and windows games, because they had great stories...for example I loved the quest for glory games. Quest for glory 4 though had alot of bugs and even though if you could get around the bugs the game and story were very good in fact story wise it was my favorite game.
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