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well I readed some descriptions of the volume and well it seems that a open-war will start between Grendan and Zereni !

Layfon is chaseing Savaris (no clue why...) Queen calls all HB and mostly to capture/stop Lafyon while the city is getting closer to Zereni from back side...

Leerin has a conversation with Meishen about their love towars Layfon... and Leerin trys to discover a secret or something about herself... (dont know here..)

In the same time lots of monsters attack from everywhere.... (well 2cities that kinda appear where bugs appear are close XD so no wonder here...)

it was mentioned something about dark haired girl.... (dont know.... I hope that Leerin is not involved with this)

There was something about next 13volume appearing in may...

Dont know what is going on since I didnt readed even 1novel (since I cant read japanese that is.... if only the novels were translated to english...ehhhh)

I hope that Leerin survives this war (from Grendan and bugs)...

Hope that someone who reads novels can create a summary of what is going on XD (what happened between Layfon and Savaris so they have to fight...)

btw. does anyone know in whic volume a guy appears in Zereni... some red-haired guy a sword user....Layfon's rival I suppose.... with tatoos ??

Since it seems that guy will appear in episode 12 of anime.... I want to see how far anime is towards novel..... (there was something mentioned that Savaris might actualy start the preparation to go to Zerenii)
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