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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
It actually kinda makes sense that the ID staff isn't full of powerhouses. The real danger of the prison comes from the various "hells" themselves. I mean seriously, just level 1 alone is pretty crazy..... a forest full of bladed trees, needlelike grass, and poisonous spiders? It's really no wonder the place is widely feared. Yeah, strong guys like Luffy and Crocodile can take the punshment with no problem, but we also have to remember that they're the minority..... we already saw in past chapters how several other prisoners had broken spirits and whatnot......
It's the weak and unimportant nobodies (like all of the nameless prisoners) that have made Impel Down look fearsome and forbidding. Should there be a situation where a few powerhouses go on a rampage and infiltrate the fortress (just like what is happening right now), ID's staff would not have the power sufficient to contain these assailants. In the face of strong adversity, the ID staff has shown ineptness in dealing with it. The recent chapters are a testament to this.

In the end, the minority is what counts (in terms of credibility) since they are actually important to the plot of the story. ID, being the world's most dangerous and feared fortress, has lost a lot of credibility by only being able to deal with cannon fodder. If the staff were able to subdue these few powerhouses, the image of ID would not be tarnished. Since that is not the case, ID's threat factor has gone way down. Imagine if an emperor arbitrarily wanted to break in so that he could recruit some prisoners to join his crew. The ID staff would be completely helpless should they try to him.

Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
The guardian beasts themselves definitely weren't pushovers..... once again, I point out all the effort it took just to KO the minotaur alone. But when you've got a Logia and a merman karate master on your side...... well, the poor animals had no chance. In other words, I'd say that the ID staff's downfall boils down to them simply being unprepared. I mean, Luffy was the first intruder the prison's ever had, and they didn't exactly factor in several of their prisoners living in a secret tranny hideout. There was simply so much confusion that they couldn't handle the situation on their own.
And I point out the little effort it took for Luffy, Crocodile, and Jimbei, to OHKO the remaining 3 guardian beasts. Seriously, they were absolute jokes against characters that actually matter (like the aforementioned three). As for the ID staff being unprepared, that's simply too bad. On behalf of the world's most dangerous and fortified prison, you would think that the ID staff have plans in case any contingencies arise, but since they don't, it just goes to show how incompetent they really are. Their incompetence has severely damaged their reputation and that of ID itself.

By the way, you have really good points marvelB. I'm just providing an argument on the other side of the fence. That's all.
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