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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
BTW, now that Blackbeard's crew is at ID, I hope we see something from Jesus Burgess. I mean, I know that he's super-strong and all (not surprising since he's got a luchador motif and is even nicknamed "Champion"), but I'm just hoping that we see a little something more, y'know? Like maybe he reveals some crazy DF power (preferably Paramecia) or something.....

Oh, and it's great to see that Teach is growing a nice little beard now. He's definitely living up to his moniker quite well.
I agree MB, we can't for get about Doc Q, so far he has done nothing even in battle.

Originally Posted by Rurik View Post
They are their lap dogs because they work under then, even if they defied the authority they respond to.
They are more like a bunch of Wild/Mad Dogs, and the owners can't risk getting rid of them for they live in a bad neighborhood.

Example, Hancock needed to keep in hush that she is the one responsibly for Luffy been inside Impel down, now sir, if she weren’t a Government Lap Dog, why doesn’t she go and tell the WG straight in their face “HAH, I did it!!!!!!!!”
Hancock wasn't even going to aid the World Government in the war, if it wasn't for Luffy, Some lap Dog.

Now, Jimbei in the other hand stopped been one because he was strongly against what they wanted, and hence looked what happened to him. he is cool....remind me of a poster with he same name..whatever happened to him....
Jinbei, has been buddies with one of the WG most hated Pirate enemies, let me know when he was truly a lap dog.

BTW, Why you said that everyone in the ENET is surprised at BB action? Weren’t you surprised as well that he is here? I can say I wasn’t, but that’s because this is an Oda Manga, and he is wacky enough to make Enel pop up any minute now.
I wasn't surprised, I just thought/assumed it was fake, so my hopes wouldn't be shattered, like so many other times before. I'm surprised at the E Net for acting like a Seven Armed Sea would never risk his title, and they obey the World Governments every command etc etc thinking, when the story pretty much gives us the opposite.

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