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Originally Posted by Master Mold View Post
They are more like a bunch of Wild/Mad Dogs, and the owners can't risk getting rid of them for they live in a bad neighborhood.
They still respond to the WG, regardless on how they act, they are just rogue, but they still get orders form the WG, and anything they do against WG ethics if is not a minor thing, they keep it secret.

Hancock wasn't even going to aid the World Government in the war, if it wasn't for Luffy, Some lap Dog.
You sure evade what I was talking about, Hancock will not come to the WG and say in their faces, “I inserted Luffy in ID.”

Jinbei, has been buddies with one of the WG most hated Pirate enemies, let me know when he was truly a lap dog.
Jimbei been buddy with someone in the other side doesn’t means he wasnt following orders from the WG, what you said here made little sense.

I wasn't surprised, I just thought it was fake.
Ok, you weren’t Surprised........... you didn’t believe it was the outcome that was going to happen.
"when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." -
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