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Originally Posted by SeedFreedom View Post
Then can i ask why god would allow so many people to die all in his name. If i am correct, Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic faiths all share the same god, but with different saviors (or none yet for the Jewish)(please don't be offended if i am wrong). Yet these three are fighting constantly. Why does god not end the bloodshed by defining one as correct? God is generous enough to give us freedom, but not to save those led astray by false prophets? He creates temptation, but gives us little to help resist it. He creates a savior, but only has it appear in a small region of this large world. As i said if believing in god is so important, why does he not give me a miracle so i can believe him, knowing this is the only thing that would convince me? Either god doesn't want me to be religious, or he is toying with me and purposely doesn't allow me to be saved, or he doesnt exist. Either way i see no point in worshiping him if that is true.
Actually, you are seeing things from a non-religious angle. For those who believe, life itself is provided by God. They are alive because God created them. This is all the miracle someone who believes needs. Taking things for granted is not really an answer as most of humanity lacks essential needs that the civilized world wastes in luxury exactly because it takes them for granted. For example, I didn't know for several years that many types of plants and animals are not that plump and big in wildlife. They were made as such after thousands of hybrid improvements. Yet I always thought they were big everywhere. If polution keeps rising, in a few decades the very air all generations so far took for granted will no longer be seen mundane. And so on. Faith is like that. The believer gives a lot of importance to things most people find unimportant.
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Anyway, What do you think of sect ? Am I the only one who think that our actual religion were, at the begining, sect and then evolved into religion ?
Sure, all new religions begin as sects. The only difference amongst the two is the number of believers.
Originally Posted by SeedFreedom View Post
If god isn't going to save me, why does he give me temptation and weakness and doubt if he knows i can't fight it without a strong sign? Freedom is not worth damnation if he gives me freedom to choose the wrong path and does nothing to help me onto the right one. Of course to clarify i am only speaking about the "You must believe in god and no other" rule he has. If i have harmed others or have been a general "bad" person all my life i don't expect him to save me, religious or not.
See, you did it again. You keep taking things for granted. God gives you a gun. You are free to use this gun any way you like. If you blow your brains out, it's your fault. If you use the gun to hunt and gather meat from animals, it's your gain. Salvation is saving yourself from yourself.
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