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Originally Posted by Let'sFightingLove View Post
Don't intertwine your petty beliefs with the reality of this life, you're not doing anyone on this planet a favor by giving praise to poorly fabricated falsehoods.

Be an asset to society, become proactive positively(ie. scientifically or something along those lines that matter), lead your life liberated from the constraints of some 3rd party supernatural force and worry about 'god' when you're dead.
So you think every atheist, whatever they do on this planet, do better things for society than any religious people?

So, explain to me why i know many atheist that are just parasites, while I know some religious people who contribute well to the society whatever their beliefs that they don't expose all the time (at least here, you can see people acting kindly without exposing their beliefs. I think it might be different in the US, since so many people claimed that in the US, religious are all the time on the street trying to convert people. Well, it's not like that here)?

You can be a religious who don't serve the society well, and it's also true for atheists.
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