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Perhaps you can think of it in such a manner. However, mothers protecting their young serves another purpose than the idealized altruism perpetrated in society, biologically speaking. It is the preservation of one's DNA in the gene pool. Parents are there to make sure their line of being continues on.
I still believe that Mother's love for their children has some connections towards *selfish* altruism. My baby brother, w/o even proper societal knowledge(not sure about this), shared food to another toddler.
There is no such thing as true altruism in my eyes. All supposed good actions usually benefit the person in question (And all it can be in the end is self-gratification and fulfillment ala Mother Teresa types).
Of course, but lets just call it a *good* self-interest that, in my opinion, originally exists within humans.

Obviously morality is made by a society. The most typical types of moral values stem from Judo-Christian religions (In Asia I don't know. Perhaps Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintaoism and all that jazz).
But, before society makes(*develops* is the better word, IMO) morality, what makes society? Humans, is it not?
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