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Originally Posted by Cipher View Post
Pardon me, but there are no reassurances that it is *most likely* just *some* mass of energy.
Sorry, let me clarify. I believe it is most likely just some mass of energy

Originally Posted by Cipher View Post
You have a good point. And who's the supreme being that dictates whether its a sin or not?

Its your sin, its your fault. Are you so dependent on God that you have to rely on him for decisions? Like I've continuously said, He's not there to *save* you.
What i am trying to say is, god or religion defines something as "wrong" and expects us to be able to resist or face consequences if we don't. But some are led by "false prophets" or have never learned the truth(i.e. never had contact with anyone from the right religion), so how can we expect them to follow? If god doesn't give me the right tools to see the truth, why should i be punished for it? Some religions state those who believe in false prophets will never reach heaven, no matter how good a person they were.

I am not trying to say religion is bad or anything like that. Just as a person growing up in a non-religious house and learning science at a young age makes it hard to believe in a religion or a god who just goes against all laws of nature. I want to see how people deal with all the contradictions that i see in religion.
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