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Romaji topic is drifting from thread topic.... but people should remember that all phonetic scripts (no matter what kind) are *approximations* of the sounds they reference. If it is a NATIVE phonetic script, its closer on the mark - if its a FOREIGN phonetic script, it is simply not going to be as good at documenting the sounds. Learning a foreign language using your own phonetic script is a crutch (or training wheels), one to be dropped as soon as possible if used at all.

As for the topic, its perfectly possible to have "good English" and an "accurate translation" (not one of the choices in the poll) -- professional translators do it all the time. Fan translators *can* have the advantage that they care a lot about the series in question and sometimes do a better job of translating each character's style of speech in the spirit of the original. But really - if they don't care about the series, I'd rather see them not take it on in the first place.
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