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xxxHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD

Schedueled to release in Spring 2011, from CLAMP now:
xxxHolic Volume 19 will be released on March 9th with the new OAD. The title is xxxHOLiC ・Rou Adayume. The staff is comprised of the same people from the previous OAD, and Nanase Ookawa is writing the screenplay. CLAMP will again be illustrating the case cover.
The official website has a nice splash picture. Watanuki presumes his postion as the shop's master... my eyes get teary when I remember this goofy slave, and now he's so mature... guess we'll never see him again getting worked up over trivial things.

I have several questions:
-The length? 25 min like a normal episode or 45 mins like ROU OVA?
-The story?? Now, I don't follow the manga, but I understood that the manga is set 4 years after the incident, and ROU OVA was set 10 years. So Adayume will be...?
-Why release set of OVAs instead of a nice set of 11 episodes?
-Kinda unrelated, but... Will Tsubasa's final Arc get animated?
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