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The milking continues..... So Gray was a bad ass before? oh how much she has decayed.

Anyone noticed that the officially posted videos (the ones that appeared months or weeks before the game's released) spoiled too many things about the game? It is as if a lot of the significant parts were shown, especially that vid showing the battle with Azuma.

Coincidentally, it seems that a number of the speculations I came up with turned out to be true.

1) The game will be short.
This is BRS we are talking about. Since the character was just a design/concept in the first place, there was no established canon about the character ever made. Since its not related to the OVA, a new (and unrelated) story had to built from scratch. Since this game was announced late last year, it was pretty evident that it wasn't going to be long. Coming up with good (I am not saying that game's story was bad!) and longer stories can take more than a year to make.

2) No civilians. Their presence might have made the story longer.

3) The 11(?) human survivors will perish. I had a gut feeling that they'd have very little air time.

4) Gray dies. I started thinking about this after the game's opening was shown in the net. Its because she was never present. Of course this is disproven in the 'true' end.

5) WRS' 2nd form. Right after I watched the first video where WRS was introduced, I was considering that she'd have 2nd form. After all, that concept is a videogame staple. The end of the newer video all about her just answered my suspicions.

The game is ok, but I somewhat disliked the setting of a post-apocalyptic earth. I am not complaining about the setting, but it's only a matter of prefence. To me, the OVA's backgrounds were closer to Huke's designs. His drawings always made me think of an alternate world that wasn't of our own. Much like the Mortal Kombat games, I loved the backgrounds found in MKI and MKII because of their otherworldly feel, which gave it an aura of authenticity. MKIII's style of putting real world-like places turned me off somehow.

Some thoughts of mine;

Remember that Final Promise Story came with a BRS: The Game disk? I know most people didn't care about FPS. but many bought it anyway just because of the BRS disk that came with it.

Gray is unarmed throughout the whole game. Concerning her gun, it is never seen and used until the part where we see she gets carried to be taken away by the robot. How did that gun get there? hammerspace?
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