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The beginning of the serie (the 15-20 first episodes) were a bit dull due to having watched the first season (which, as it expanded and took its time on them, managed to make them more interesting).
But once the series bifurcated and we could see this one filling its shoes, MY it was just GREAT.

This serie as a bit of it all : action, emotion, plot, twists, production values, cast and the like.
It managed to have the component of so many shows, but without falling in many usual traps, and managing some large achievements (like having a HUGE cast and still not abandonning half of it into irrlevance). The last arc was just EPIC and one of the most satisfying of any serie.

It may not be my absolute prefered show, but it's the one that is the "best rounded" so to speak, having no actual glaring flaw that grate my nerves, and managing the feat to be what so many would like : being great of its own and still potentially pleasing to everyone.

I give it a 9 for outstanding quality.
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