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Originally Posted by LunarMoon View Post
Below Average Music + Average Animation + Above Average World Building + Average Story = indisputably, the best anime ever made? LOL Whut?

I think the more extreme members of the fandom need to get off their high horse and accept that their high opinion of the show is subjective. Either that or watch more anime. As for me personally, though, Iím rating it as an above average shonen. No more, no less.
So, basically...

I was disappointed because I went into this anime with completely unrealistic expectations that could've never been met.

Despite being but a vocal minority, I'm somehow the spokesman of objectivity.

Anyway, not that I care enough to try and change your opinion of the series, but, while I agree that Father was a fairly underwhelming villain, there were, you know, other characters, many of which received plenty of multi-dimensional characterisation and sympathetic qualities. Seemingly basing the entirety of your assessment of the story and cast's merits on a single character seems just a tad bit flawed, wouldn't you say?

Also, and this is just a side comment, I find it slightly amusing how you scoff at stories where the heroes try and stop the would-be gods antagonists yet sport a Xenogears avatar.
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