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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
So you think if people love Fullmetal Alchemist they haven't seen enough anime. I find that pretty condescending.
If you are indeed a "fan" and not a "fanboy/fangirl", then you have nothing to be offended about. And there's a fine line between the two. A fan is someone who enjoys a particular series, while a fanboy is someone who thinks that their series of interest is objectively better than anything else, and responds to any claim to the contrary as if it was a personal attack. FMAB fanboys, and for that matter, Naruto and Bleach fanboys are generally fanboys because they haven't sampled enough anime. The same is true for most Twilight fanatics, who often haven't sampled a large amount of books and thus have an awful basis of comparison.

Originally Posted by Endless Twilight View Post
I was disappointed because I went into this anime with completely unrealistic expectations that could've never been met.
I won't deny it.

Despite being but a vocal minority, I'm somehow the spokesman of objectivity.
The popularity of a work has nothing to do with the quality level, or else Naruto would be better than the vast majority of the obscure anime out there. FMAB, much like Naruto, is overrated.

Anyway, not that I care enough to try and change your opinion of the series, but, while I agree that Father was a fairly underwhelming villain, there were, you know, other characters, many of which received plenty of multi-dimensional characterisation and sympathetic qualities. Seemingly basing the entirety of your assessment of the story and cast's merits on a single character seems just a tad bit flawed, wouldn't you say?
The problem with Father is that the other villains introduced were even more one-dimensional than he was. If you asked me to describe Lust's personality and motivations, I wouldn't be able to do so. The same is true for Sloth, Gluttony, and Envy, who had a lackluster level of motivation, literally divulged to us as he died. The entire squad of antagonists came off less as a collection of characters, and more as an ensemble of developmentally flat minions, introduced to justify fight scenes and to move the plot along. I hate that, because it robs the series of any moral ambiguity that it could otherwise possess. It's boring and converts a large chunk of the cast into morally simplistic mustache-twirlers.

Also, and this is just a side comment, I find it slightly amusing how you scoff at stories where the heroes try and stop the would-be gods antagonists yet sport a Xenogears avatar.
The first disc made the second disc bearable. I can't say the same for FMAB, in which the first 35 episodes bored me to an even greater extent than the second half.
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