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Oh what?? Aht can use gloves??? what?????!!?? O.o
I grinded Aht up to 32 where the rest of my party is (farming chamyl dragons!). She becomes much more usable because of her +2 movement (makes 4). However by now I feel there are better options in terms of tanks (melo and eliza have grade A+ resist, Yuela can evade and retaliate harder because of passives+sword skill).

After much debate, using the twins+sharty as store clerks atm.
I tend to use everyone now, Wil and Uya at 40 and Sharty now at 35 after leveling her a lot. Everyone else is now at 38 almost 39. At this point I can't stock enough in my shop fast enough for it not to be sold instantly no matter who I put there so I just leave the default shop keeper there and switch party members a ton during battles.

I just got Eliza and I was quite happy with the fact that she has a 3 range omni spell. Also going through all the areas and getting them complete that I have accessible. Hopefully I can get enough materials to build back up some kind of stock, though I still need the 10 super supplements for the twins. Those are a pain to make.

Sharty is pretty useful since she has flight and adventurer. I really need to get the ability to make Wing Bracelets to give flight. Personally the hardest unit i find to use is Paraskevas. His command cost of 26 is brutal.

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