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Honestly, i don't know if they arent releasing enough kits or if the entire market is doing bad, but the usual boom comes when you announce a new series & release new kits(as you can see in the diagram), then it usually takes a dive until more kits are made, i hope someone releases a new diagram for the full year of 2012 so we can see if the sales went up or if they keep falling.

I'll see if i can dig the article up for you monster.

Originally Posted by firefox View Post
Age might not be the best gundam series ever, it had some great ideas, the problem is they stay way to close to the origional gundam story which is getting old and boring. I love the gunpla kits, the quality is superb!

The AGE RD figures aren't fantastic designwise with the stretched torsos, but HLJ has them on sale so i bought all 4. It isn't the first RD that doesn't sell well, the Ahead (all version) from 00 gundam were also very bad sellers, even if they are quite good figures (that miss some features, but that's an RD line problem)

And yes there is a economic crisis in the world so sales are bound to be falling a bit.

I still intend to get the MG AGE-1 normal.
imo, AGE is horrible, but i still like it, it has some good parts but honestly it wasnt really a good show, it had a really good OST and a few likeable characters, but i wouldnt recommend it to someone, i plan on getting a AGE-2 (Normal) MG (And AGE-3 Orbital, if we get one) once i finish my backlist, the show has some amazing designs, too bad the storytelling wasnt as good as the mecha designs :/
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