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Originally Posted by xxnike629xx View Post
So then similarly, why can't Bandai package everything in the MG Age-1 Flat?

--> gransa armor
--> zefuld launcher
--> glastron launcher
Oh, sure they can. The question is whether or not they will do it, and thatís the big question that nobody here can answer exactly. Before Bandai announce anything, we can only speculate.

Originally Posted by Znozzy View Post
Oh, nothing, nothing, just check the HG > 1/100 and MG's head, the constant redesign of it.
Imo itís simply because the HG 1/144 & 1/100 donít replicate SFís head well. The HG 1/60 got it good, then it was perfected by the MG & PG .
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