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I'm quite surprised because I was personally very happy with how the female characters turned out. In a lot of mangas, they're very stereotypical--moe or very reserved and boring, or any other typical role they take. In Naruto, it's nice to see a cast of strong women. Not one of them is weak in my opinion, or underdeveloped. I love Sakura, Ino, and Tsunade and find them to be very strong. I usually don't care for the Hinata-"type," but even she is a great character in my opinion, especially in her quest to become stronger. I only wish we could see more of her. Still, I don't feel her development to be lacking.
True, the females in the manga are sort of put into a traditional healer role, but there are also those going on the front-lines, so to speak, so I think it evens out. The ratio seems realistic to me.
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