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Is this really the end???

I don't speak Japanese, so I don't know whether they said Ep12 was the final ep in the preview from Ep11. I see people posting things that say Ep12 is the end, though. It will be sad to see this show go...

So - any predictions for the finale?

Will it be Hazumu/Yasuna? Hazumu/Tomari? Hazumu/Asuta? Hazumu/Ayuki? Or... maybe Yasuna and Tomari ditch Hazumu and run off together, leaving Hazumu to pair up with Jan-Puu. Or they all move in together and have a group marriage in Malibu.

I was thinking they were heading for a three-way relationship (and the manga may still do so), until we got to Ep11 and Ayuki's speech about the two plants trying to grow in the single flower pot. (Coincidentally, there was an article at last week about the polygamy debate that had me thinking about this show.) Now I think Hazumu will end up with Yasuna. Tomari may be Hazumu's childhood friend, but it's been obvious over the course of the series that Yasuna has more in common with her. I think Hazumu will pledge to stay by Yasuna's side, even if Yasuna never gets her sight back - which will be what gives Yasuna her sight back. I'm not sure whether Hazumu will be changed back into a boy - I'd rather she stay a girl, and I think she'd prefer that, too. But you never know.

On a side note, will Namiko finally land Sora? He says his people don't know anything about love, and there's Namiko waving an opportunity for him to get some firsthand experience right in his face. Will he notice?

Anyone else have any ideas?
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