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Originally Posted by BBOvenGuy
I don't speak Japanese, so I don't know whether they said Ep12 was the final ep in the preview from Ep11. I see people posting things that say Ep12 is the end, though. It will be sad to see this show go... looks like episode 12 might be the last. Both ANN and AnimeNfo have it listed as a 12 episode show. ANN lists the twelfth episode title as "Love Begins At Last" (やがて恋がはじまる). It will be sad to see this show go. They'll have to cram so much into the last episode.

/Edit: As far as guessing the end...not sure. Having only understood the fan-subs up to Ep 9, I'm not really sure what's going to happen. I'm not sure if they're heading for a 3-way relationship. Maybe the space ship will crash back into Hazumu and they'll re-create him as a boy and the show will essentially start from zero again.

Yasuna seems to be in the lead, but at the end of Episode 11, it seemed like she was off to do something. Maybe bring them all together (all three). Maybe not. From the looks for Ep. 11, Yasuna seems incapable of sharing Hazumu with Tomari, but then, that was all from a misunderstanding, so...

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