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Well I don't hate Yasuna, but you have to agree that from a certain angle she comes off as just using people for her own needs then setting them aside when she no longer has a use for them. Not in a meanspirited way, but it happens nonetheless.

My big gripe with the "cure" (only reinforced in the OVA) is that it's all too convenient, and not very realistic even from within the show's level of reality. Okay so she's miraculously cured after Hazumu chooses her. Then she immediately says thats great, but I need to find my own way. What if Hazumu then said something after that to hurt her feelings again? Or anyone else for that matter? She could easily regress again IMHO. Yet somehow this 1 moment with Hazumu has had her see the light and she will never have problems with it ever again... right...

Kashimashi falls into the trap of adding cliche humor and throwaway characters/scenarios to raise viewership via pandering. The sad thing is they are probably right -- the amount of fans added thru pandering is a lot of times more than they would get by just having a good story. I've sadly seen fanservice pandering ruin a lot of otherwise good animes in the last few years =\
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