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This whole post is a spoiler, but as no one else is using tags, I won't either.

Well, I read wikipedia before watching this series, and it said that up till episode 9 it followed the manga very closely and after that it diverged. And watching the series, you can actually feel the break away from the manga. Right about where the break is, all the carefully built up relationships just fall to shit.

Personally, with the anime, I would have prefered they ended it at episode 12 just before the ending where Yasuna decides to walk her own path again. It just took away from the power of Hazuma finally making a choice, to have the girl say, "Thanks for choosing me, and thanks for curing me, but go ahead and do your thing with the other girl now."

Also, I think the ending in the OAV was a little.... off. Hazuma running back to Tomari saying she wanted to be by her side now was almost a little cold after rejecting her (Tomari even says as much), and I'm surprised Tomari went along with it. With as bruised as their relationship was, I would have expected them to have to rebuild it over many months, but I guess they'd have needed another season for that and they only had 30 minutes.

Anyways, they had to do with 4 episodes, what the manga is gunna do with who knows how many volumes, so I can't blame them for rushing things here and there. Overall, I'm looking forward to buying the manga to get the 'real' ending. I hope Hazuma ends up with Tomari in the end as that's who I believe should end up together in the end (which means I'm happy with the ending of the OAV but not the execution). I just can't feel empathy for Yasuna. If it wasn't for the whole "can't see people" thing, I probably wouldn't care for her as a character at all.
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