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Originally Posted by JRendell View Post
If you liked Kimi no Iru Machi, check out Suzuka. It's by Seo Kouji; the same author.

I also found Onani Master Kurosawa an enjoyable, yet somewhat sad, read.


Also check out GE ~Good Ending~ and Pastel. Can't believe I forgot those two.

Follow the links to read the descriptions, then decide if they are for you.

Hope these help.
I already am reading GE but I have nto checked out Suzuka or pastel. Also I just checked out Onani Master Kurosawa and almost died of laugher after seeing the description XD

Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
Maison Ikkoku
Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
I love Sand Chronicles, but its definitely shoujo.

Added to stickynotes but I am not sure if I would like a shoujo.... being that I am a guy.

Although I read Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! and so far I like it. Waiting for an update though @_@
Originally Posted by Bonta Kun View Post
I 2nd Good Ending, overall pretty good read.

Amagami and Kimikiss, a little different take on how the the stories go but still romance none the less.

Open Sesame, it's ok I guess but I kinda enjoyed.

If your up for some yuri fun then I'll have to recommend Girl Friends and Sasameki Koto, Sasameki Koto is a little slow on the romance but it's just really a lovely read, one of my favs.
Girl Friends moves along with it's romance and I'd just say read it anyway even if your not into the yuri stuff

top recommendation has to be Umi no Misaki, probably my favortie romance series atm, some will say it's pretty slow going but I prefer to say easy going.
On that note you might also wanna try Ai yori Aoshi, done by same guy that does Umi no Misaki.
Hm... Added

Also what guy does not like yuri?

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