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I know what you're thinking about sailomoon. The manga is much different from the anime. The manga is darker and more romantic and more mature, volume 1 is a little like the anime, but afterwards it's totally different. The manga takes a much darker, more mature route than the show. It's more sexual, more violent, more romantic and much darker. The anime made it for a younger audience. Like in the manga, Usagi stabs her boyfriend in order to save him, the main couple makeout in bed a lot, the whole story is mature and dark and so different from the show, but I understand what you are saying if you are aquainted with the anime version.

For particular recomendations of the mangas I mentioned you might like


The Devil Does Exist

Paradise Kiss

We Were There

Ceres Celestial Legend

Kare First Love

Kare Kano

Wild Act

Fushigi Yugi

High School Debut

Mars and The Devil Does Exist and Ceres Celestial Legend are the most mature, serious manga on the list. The relationships are realistic, deep and serious, it's not lightearted or funny, it's about deep, serious relationships.

These manga series are mature, they have sex, some of them have violence, some of them have pregnancies, some of them talk about rape and marriage and living together.

I definetely recommend you read Ceres Celestial Legend The main character is having a love affair with a guy who is working for her family who is trying to kill her because the spirit of Ceres posses her and tries to kill them. The main couple have a lot of sexual scenes and making out in bed scenes, their is a lot of death, sex, violence and dark themes. It's very mature, romantic, dark and serious.

Mars, The Devil Does Exist, Paradise Kiss, Kare Kano, Kare First Love and We Were There are mature romance manga.

Wild Act, High School Debut, Happy Hustle High and Missile Happy! are sweet and cute romance manga.

Fushigi Yugi and Ceres Celestial Legend are romance/fantasy manga.

Absolute Boyfriend is romance/comedy.

They all have couples dating in serious relationships with kissing, sex, breakups, etc.

Mars is the most mature and serious romance manga, no other manga can really compare to it because it's realistic, exciting, mature, deep, romantic and touching. Other manga pale in comparision to Mars, nothing is really as deep.
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