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Hm.... I am going to have to check these out but I have tired myself of manga for today and tomorrow I will be working on my novel. ^_^ I will definately check some of these out. Also the way you put sailor moon manga I think I will now check that out. I like dark things anyways.

I definetely recommend you read Ceres Celestial Legend The main character is having a love affair with a guy who is working for her family who is trying to kill her because the spirit of Ceres posses her and tries to kill them. The main couple have a lot of sexual scenes and making out in bed scenes, their is a lot of death, sex, violence and dark themes. It's very mature, romantic, dark and serious.
Okay after reading that I cocked my head to one side and restrained myself from saying WTH <.< Hm.... *is interested*


I just started reading Ceres Celestial Legend and I got bored after the 4th chapter e-e And now onto the next manga. If that is how most shojo are like this (just the general feel), I am going to have a hard time reading 'em....

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