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Oretsuba OVA - Drinky Bird

DJ Condor is one of the best characters who lacks a physical body I've seen in some time. He knows what the viewers want, and delivers it, all while delivering the kind of snarky commentary you can only get with Sugita at the helm. How the three-in-one became three separate bodies is a quandary for another day, but I was laughing almost constantly at the start of the episode. A fine fakeout, sir.

As for the rest of the episode, the ghost story being about a ghost whose "curse" is actually a blessing was pretty amusing, and lots of female flesh was provided. Also monkeys. Apparently they are quite the picky type when it comes to the kind of undergarments they prefer. Truly, they have a lot in common with man. At the end, it looks like Takashi/Hayato/Shusuke got his harem to gather round him once more - for the final animated scene of the series I'll see, I'm pretty content with that.

Worth remembering that this came with Oretsuba R, instead of released by itself - crafty, producers, very crafty. It's been a fun ride.
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