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This is a tricky one. Of course it is not simply ok to break a law if you disagree with it. i'm pretty sure most murderers disagree with murder laws, but that doesn't make it ok for them to murder. on the other hand, there have been many civil rights movements (US, India, South Africa) that have relied upon civil disobediance. They broke laws they thought were unfair in order to change the law. Thoreau advocated not following laws you believed to be unfair, he never once payed taxes as he believed they were going to a bad cause. The words "right" and "wrong" are to subjective to debate. the nazis thought they were doing the "right" thing. does that make them "good"? the way i see it as long as you a willing to face any and all consequences that may come of your actions you may do whatever you please. It is not as if any one can stop you.
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