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Originally Posted by shiroitenshi83
Rules are there to be followed. The law is there because it is to protect everyone's interests. If there is no laws lying around, the world will be perfect chaos. Thieves will steal things, money will be embezzled etc.

Laws are there to punish rule breakers too. Doing so will deter other to-be-offenders.

Breaking rules to leave an impression that a person disagrees with it? That person should go somewhere remote to live. Here is a civilised world where laws/rules protect the majority.

While this shows the importance of adhering to WELL-MADE LAWS, this is entirely disputable in reality, especially that of the modern climate of politics. Lobby groups and special interest groups are set up, with extremely powerful backers that can influence the legislation of a law. As such, laws become legislations in the interest of money and profit of specific corporations and not of the people. How will following these sorts of laws help? They are not divinely issued by God, nor are they made with the genuine interest of the people but rather, laws that are BOUGHT.

It is essentially important to note that what you are saying is it is important to follow the law for the PURPOSE that it serves, but there are plenty of "bad" or "flawed" laws that can be taken advantage of. Should we follow those as well? No.

While it's difficult and complicated to come up with a general theme of action as to how we should act for the best interests of people, it is COMPLETELY FLAT OUT WRONG to follow a law just because it is a law.
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