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Originally Posted by [DOT].L
Well, if one wants to get down-right existential about the validity of the law and the justice system, it is fair to say that no individual holds any obligation to follow any sort of code due to the fact that such rules are simply established by others who may or may not know better than anyone else. Many believe in the justice system because it is much easier (and faster) to abid by a readily created system than to construct a complex personal impression which takes alot more time and experience. Some extreme experts will even tell you it's this auto-obligatory response that we have been taught since the beginning of our earliest education that is leading to the decrease in spiritual richness (I don't mean religion) amonst the human race. Essentially, more and more people are becoming mindless zombies that would rather commit to acts of obidience than say, questioning the setup of the social system. (I'm playing devil's advocate here, so don't get too upset)

Personally, I share some of the views of mentioned in the paragraph above, but I do believe that the justice system we have now is necessary in maintaining our current social structure. Civilization is built around a code of conduct. If that code is to, for whatever reason, fall, then it is more than likely the whole social structure will crumble. The world will enter a period of lawlessness (well, duh), but a new system will be established sooner or later and the cycle will repeat, etc.
Hehehehe ^_^. If you sorta read it, your paragraph really pulls in people to read about it more and it seems like one really exorbiantly long sentence ^_^. We are more obligatory to rules and laws that benefits us more at the time that we are at. As i said earlier, there will be laws that are benefical to us at a point in time, and as it changes a new one will be constructed to replace the old, since it no longer fulfill the peoples need no more.

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