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Originally Posted by Soka-chan
The problem with laws is that their "goodness" is sibjective. Some people say that a law is good if it was done regarding the process that the laws themselves stablish; other people say that they have to be in consonance with some sort of "superior morals" common to everyone...but this susally ends up in an individual moral more thna anything else.

What is a "good law"?That's the important and tricking question, and for the record I'll tell you that we're discussing it now in my Theoretical Law(I don0t know the exact translation, as I'm Spanish)
You indirectly answered your own question.
Because the very basis of morals differ from one individual to another, an universal system of law that will satisfy everyone's point of view cannot be created. Society tries to centralize and standardize people's perceptions via education, but it fails due to the unpredictable atavistic instincts that exists within all of us, something most people refer to as "human nature."
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