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Originally Posted by Rurik View Post
Actually, Shodanime had the Kekkai Genkai, is just that by the time Shoadime ability was mentioned the only thing we knew about Mokuton, was just that it was a Jutsu that could only be done by Shodaime, and even after Yamato was introduced we only were told to be an Unique ability, because we didn’t know about Two elements been mixed, and that joining two elements correspond a Kekkei Genkai.

Basically, both Shodaime and Yamato have the Kekei Genkai to create Mokuton.

Also note that just because you have a genetic trait doesn’t mean your descendants are going to inherit this trait, just look at the uchihas, were only a selected few had the Sharigan. If you ask me, Shodaime Genetic trait was been lost due to evolution, reason why maybe he had it, and not so, his Brother Nindaime and Her Granddaughter Tsunade.
Joining two elements is not a Kekkai Genkai. Shodaime's ability was a special ability, his affinity or mastery over earth and water allowed him Mokuton. Which is why I made the comparison to Haku and Hyoton that was claimed to be a Kekkei Genkai. It seems almost like an inconsistency in Naruto. Maybe a fusion of elements to be a Kekkei Genkai depends on which elements because not all kinds can mix with all the others? *shrugs*

As for Uchiha, it wasn't that only a select few had the Sharingan. Unlike Byukugan which is available at birth, Sharingan has to be activated through special circumstances. All Uchiha's had the potential, but some just hadn't undergone the conditions needed to activate it.

Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
You said it yourself....Haku did have a kekkei Genkai (ice) while Shodai Hokage (wood) didnt. Just like you said that Shodai's decendants couldnt use it...and that it was a special trait only to him.

Haku and his mother both had the same abilities....i think they were some of the last of their kinds...Haku's kids would've or atleast would have a good chance of getting the same abilities.

And yes...Yamato and his wood techniques are awesome....i am glad that Kishimoto made his abilities come back somehow..

But dont forget to control bijuu is probably his real strenght....(the rumored one that made him Hokage)
Yeah but that's why I mentioned how Yamato got the ability, by DNA manipulation from Orochimaru. A trait specific to bloodlines are all about DNA right. I think it plausible that Mokuton can now be VIEWED as a possible Kekkei Genkai through the circumstances that have allowed Yamato to use the ability, if not officially stated then perhaps eventually because his DNA has been altered.
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