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Originally Posted by That Other Ninja View Post
I'll take it for facts when all that extra elaboration is stated in the manga.

All that extra elaboration in stated in the Manga.

Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
Ok....i know i got hit a few days a duel playing soccer/football and all....i still have a big bump on my head but.....

Can you please post the chapter where the 4 tailed jinchuuriki used those techniques merging elements...
Kisame said so, but that's the question that came, Kisame, or the translator choice of word, made it look as if He was mixing elements, to create new ones.

Besides...come to think of it. It is only a bloodline when you merge two elements (atleast) to create a new element right??
Yes, it was something along the line "it takes great power to mix two element together and create a new one, this is known as Keeki Genkai"

Bijous have great power, maybe thatís a start, either way, it could had meant the old geizer that had his own Kekei Genkai, but it would really be something to have a Keki Genkai that enables you to create different types of Elements.

Because Sandaime mixed the Fire element and Earth element.
Thats Filler

Edit: Damm, Hunter, once again you beat me to it....
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