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Originally Posted by KoroshiyaX
There are always free slots, at least in A-E's case, even when many people want to download =)

I know a few other big fansub groups have mutiple bots which have 100 send slots.

That is the difference between a regular XDCC server, and mutiple Fast XDCC bots.

It only takes a few extra minute to find the bot with the free slots, and since they're all named AE|nick, it is quite easy.

No effort, no gain

I just took down one of my XDCC bots to seed Planetes 15 and UFO 9. BT is currently using 70% of the CPU and 320MB of RAM. Doing roughly 350KB/sec combined upload. I set each torrent to have 15 uploads each, and no upload speed CAP.

When I was using Iroffer XDCC, it was using 10% of CPU, 56MB of RAM, and doing 2MB/sec (~2000KB/sec) upload over only 15 dcc sends.

You can clearly see the difference now.
Wow... what BT client and on what OS do you run it on? I'm currently running 6 instances of BT clients that combine to use about 25% of CPU (400MHz PII) and about 40MB of RAM. At the same time about 800KB/sec is being pumped out (it could go even higher but my pipe is currently maxed out with other stuff).

The client I use is just a plain commandline (headless) BT client (v3.3) on a Red Hat Linux box.

It seems BT could be getting some unjustified bad rep simply because people use inefficient or poorly written clients. Dunno, just a thought...
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