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Still... Don't their rules say that Kurapika is eligible now? Yeah, there's the whole "hating them" thing, but they don't know that, and didn't most of them have to kill an existing member in order to join in the first place? In that case, why are they so angry at Kurapika at this point?
The group isn't that old. Uvo and Nobunaga were around when it was founded. So I'd say most of them are original members. Add in people like Kurapika and Killua's father who've killed one but didn't join and the number of people who actually joined by killing another member is probably very low. And they even seem to dislike Hisoka, who's the only one confirmed to have replaced a member by killing them. As we can see in this episode, they're actually pretty loyal to each other. Even the "solve all disputes by coinflip" thing indicates a sort of mutual respect for each other as equals.
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