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It's been a while since I've stopped by this thread, but I think the big old 50 is as good a time as any. Wow so much man love amidst the troupe for Uvogin. I'm kind of embarassed it too me so long to realize they're essentially based off of the Yakuza. A vicious efficient group of killers and extortionists, but with some principles. And now it's a full on mob war, which means that this can only get more intense from here. York New City will be lucky if it survives this.

And then you've got the bro hate from Killua eventually spurring him on to help Gon escape, though you can tell it's eating away at him they he wasn't able to fight Nobunaga. I think that will come in time once they find Kurapika and level up their nen again. It almost feels like they are there, they've shown signs of being able to at least surprise the Troupe for the past few episodes now so with knowledge of the pact that Kurapika has going on I think they should be able to fight on equal ground. Wonder what their pacts would be if they were make them though I wonder? Lots of intrigue just building and building in this arc at an exponential rate. Next episode please!
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