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Oddly, this may be one of my favorite episodes so far because it just oozes "slice" and subtle human comedy.
As Yui and Azusa were talking about studying, my thoughts were "Wow, this is some really mundane stuff"

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7) Azunyan versus enka ... 0-1 but 10-0 for the hilarity.
I has some tears in my eyes, laughing at Yui's singing when I was watching the Raw.

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I assume the "YuiAzu" was an oblique reference to Puffy AmiYumi. There are probably other "joe-bob" named groups as well.
My first thought was YuiKaori, which is somewhat strange since I happened to be come across a AmiYumi video just last night...

By the way, did anyone else notice the unusual framing from time to time? The teacher is shown from the mouth up, with the blackboard taking up much (but still not all) of the image. When Yui thinks about the whether to enter the talent show, she's in the corner, like there's supposed to be a big thought bubble or something. And when Ritsu is told about the old woman's similarity to her, she's in the same position as the teacher, taking up less than half of the frame's height (as opposed to, say, a close up her, focusing on the forehead).
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