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Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
Here is what I would NOT like in my next anime:
-Mechas: They're SO stupid, particularly when they make all cool stuff like jet fighters and tanks obsolete because of some BS new armour or something)Of course, if it's like Evangelion or Full Metal Panic, I can let it pass. GITS SAC did pretty good job too, turning mechs into more of a support role.
Macross is awesome. We basically have a robot configuring F-14, and this is in my aesthetic opinion the greatest concept of fictional robotic engineering. It's robot configuration has a functional rationale behind it, and that is to fight alien enemy combatants who are naturally its size. The series is great, and in my judgement bests all other giant robot stuff in terms of endearing characters, a compelling plot, innovative art designs, and is among the first (at least the first one in my memory) to incorporate music as an integral theme to the story's progression.

Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure is an excellent alternative. It's basically Evangelion only done as a harem anime without the depressing psycho-analysis.

RahXephon is Evangelion done right, with even more gorgeous mechanical designs.

Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
-Too much overt fantasy or supernatural stuff: There are too many animes about fighting demons and such. I am not interested in an anime that centers itself on this sort of thing, like Yu Yu Hakusho. once again, I can be lenient (after all, Death Note, which was great, had demons)
-Annoying animation styles: Again, think Yu Yu Hakusho. Elfen was pretty bad in this regard as well.
Escaflowne is another great one. It has the best musical score, an engaging story, and fantastic art. You don't have demons (though you do have dragons) as you really have an alternate reality in which that world's science and technology developed differently compared to our own, and two people from our world (technically three) were thrust into it. But wait until you see Escaflowne transform. It's glorious!

Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
Here is what would be awesome for my ideal anime, besides the usual good plot/characters/etc:
-War/Weapons: Preferably with believable, modern weapons. Think FMP without mechs.
Gasaraki. It's an intelligently crafted anime. The bi-pedal robot mechs were designed to replace tanks for superior mobility and environmental combat versatility. The setting develops a highly detailed socio-political climate. Even TV news broadcasts within the episode have nuances that contribute to the unfolding of the plot. This series is not for casual watching. The story is based around two corporations competing to get the contract for mass deployment of their weapons...I think. It's been years since I saw it. And it's got enough Eva-like weirdness for you to like.

Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
-Dystopia/dark atmosphere: think Ergo Proxy
Sorry but I'm scared of the dark, bro. Try Serial Experiments Lain for that dark existential stuff that Ergo Proxy deals with. I think Lain handled the issue better too, though you have to have a taste for Abe's art which I really don't.

I haven't seen it myself, but I know that Texhnolyze is definitely a dystopia setting, just as you ask for.

Then there's Paranoia Agent. It's a brilliant, or rather dark series, about a frightening figure armed with a baseball bat that stalks and hurts people.

Perfect Blue is a great one for a dark, bizarre, experience. This and Paranoia Agent are the handiwork of Satoshi Kon.

Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
-Realistic style animation: I think you all know what that is.
Maybe I do or maybe I don't. Many titles produced by Production IG or Madhouse give off a realistic feeling to their backgrounds, setting, and character designs. Production IG in particular has the most Japanese looking character designs. Look up either studio's list of produced anime at and investigate a few titles. One that comes to mind is Patlabor WXIII. Another is Jin-Roh, which is a fine piece of pure cell-animation. You've already seen Monster from Madhouse, but Master Keaton and Yawara, all of which are produced by Madhouse and come from the creative work of Naoki Urasawa, are just as brilliant, though Monster is the most intense of the three.

Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
-Comedy: Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu did the best job, IMO. If you know of anything like it tell me ASAP.
I agree with you wholeheartedly. In fact, it is my favorite sit-com of all time. I couldn't name you anything else that's like it. And I won't.

But try other comedies. Galaxy Angel is particularly fun. Think Seinfeld, only the characters are endearing and not people you'd want to throw under the bus. That they're tasked with a mission to search for that elusive lost technology is but an unimportant backdrop out of which come their antics.

Pita Ten is adorable, as is Cardcaptor Sakura. Ai Yori Aoshi is the best of the harem animes, giving us a lead couple that we actually support and none of the indecisiveness plagued in the likes of Keitaro Urashima or Tenchi Masaki.

Mahoromatic is still among my favorites, mixing ecchi, romantic comedy, and sci-fi melodrama with that Gainax element we all dig in NGE.

Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
Wow, that was a lot for a mere recommendation request. Anyway, please use the above information to help ease my boredom.

I think that therein lies your problem. You're using anime as a means to relieve boredom. Anime is a way of life. It's not just a lifestyle, it's a religion. Ask any anime fan.
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