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Originally Posted by 00-Raiser View Post
Hm, an actual, full Alisa/Yuuno doujinshi.


Though it should go without saying, TL please
Wow, that's was a long wait.

Do you like me?

Arisa: Huh?
Nanoha: As I said…
Nanoha: Do you make out with Suzuka-shan?
Arisa: Wha…
Arisa: What make you think it’s like that?!
Nanoha: But, didn’t you confess to her earlier…
Arisa: It was just an act of friendship!
Nanoha: Then, it’s mean that Fate-chan was wrong…
Arisa; Fate…
Arisa: Come here and kneel…

Nanoha: Didn’t Fate-chan and Suzuka-chan exchange diaries?
Nanoha: I see...
Nanoha: So you really aren’t making out.
Arisa: Isn’t that obvious…
Nanoha: Then, you didn’t have a boy, whom you like?
Arisa: Boy…
Arisa: In our class every boy is a loose deal.
Nanoha: It’s not right.
Nanoha: Hey, Yuuno-kun for example.
Arisa; Yuuno~o?

Arisa: No-no.
Arisa: Such unreliable guys not my type.
Nanoha: Eh...
Nanoha: He definitely not like that.
Arisa: By the way.
Arisa: Aren’t you like Yuuno by yourself?
Nanoha: Yup
Nanoha: Yuuno-kun is mine wonderful friend.
Wonderful friend
Arisa: Friend…
Arisa: Bye-bye Yuuno!
Nanoha: Now when you mention it…I didn’t meet with Yuuno-kun recently.
Nanoha: Seems that he is busy at work.
Arisa: Fun…?

Suzuka: We’re back.
Arisa: Oh you’re back.
Arisa: Well.
Arisa: Hey.
Arisa: How about to go and have fun together?
Nanoha: Ah, sorry.
Nanoha: I’m busy…
Fate: Me too.
Arisa: I see…
Arisa: It’s can’t be helped then, since you’re busy…
Fate: Well, seems that you understand us.
Fate: WE TWO going to have fun.
Fate: I’m going to have fun
Arisa: Well, let’s go!

Arisa: Geez…
Arisa: To think that she start to talk about this make out-thing!
Suzuka: She not very talk…
Suzukua: But, I want to talk with Arisa-chan about boys.
Arisa: Wai… wh-why did you ask about this?!
Arisa: Uh, to talk about boys…
Arisa: She said something about making out with Yuuno for some reason…
Suzuka: Yuuno-kun?
Arisa: Yes! Why about me and Yuuno…
Yuuno: You called?
Arisa: Eh?
Suzuka: Ah…!

Arisa: Yuuno!
Yuuno: Arisa!
Yuuno: Suzuka!
Arisa: What are you doing, in place like that?
Yuuno: It’s a holyday, so I decided to do a shopping.
Arisa: What is it? A map?
Yuuno: Ah, yup. Station square is big and I need to know where bookstore is…
Arisa: Eh, an unexpected meeting. Such a convenient, we also go there, do you want to join in?
Yuuno: Eh, but…
Yuuno: Wouldn’t I bother you two…
Yuuno: ….I said something bad?
Arisa: S-sorry! I think you didn’t mean anything bad, arent’t you?

Suzuka: Are you alright? Can you stand?
Yuuno: Yup, than you.
Arisa: What’s that, he is a boy, so he can take it!
Suzuka: Arisa-chan!
Arisa: Uh…
Suzuka: Okay? I’m going into park and wet a handcuffed, can you wait here?
Arisa: O-okay…
Yuuno: Ah, I’m already okay, so…
Suzuka: It’ alright, alright.
Suzuka: Just wait here a bit.

Arisa: SUZUKA!!!!

Arisa: She is…
Arisa: Alive…
Arisa: Suzuka, are you okay?
Suzuka: Y… Yes.

Arisa: We~el…
Arisa: For a moment I thought it’s a end, true story.
Suzuka: Sorry, I make you worry.
Suzuka: And you, Yuuno-kun, thank you.
Yuuno: No, the most important thing is that you unharmed, Suzuka.
Arisa: No… You is a great guy Yuuno! I take back what I said about you being a unreliable!
Yuuno: No, I didn’t do anything great…
Arisa: This again! You’re such modest guy!
Yuuno: It’s hurt! It’s hurt, Arisa!
Arisa: That’s right! Do you want a juice? Want me to threat you?
Suzuka: Ah, then I’ll go!

Arisa: You already okay?
Suzuka: Yup. I’m going forward and take a look.
Arisa: Ah! Is it okay for you not to contact a police?
Yuuno: Ah, but don’t you think that if I contact the bureau, the would simply leave the case to me?
Arisa: Bureau?
Yuuno: Well, didn’t you saw me using a mgic…
Yuuno: Aaaah, I blabbed out…
Arisa: No-no.
Arisa:…A magic.
Arisa: Isn’t it great, to be able to use a magic.
Yuuno: Do you think so?
Arisa: Yes I do!
Arisa: Didn’t you magic save a Suzuka?

Yuuno: Well…
Yuuno: I’m not such a great man, how you think Arisa…
Arisa: Why?!
Yuuno:…Arisa, do you know how Nanoha called in the TSAB?
Arisa: White Devil?
Yuuno: No-no…
Yuuno: Ace of Aces.
Yuuno: The one which invoke a respect and fear, was fixed on her…
Yuuno: That’s her nickname.
Yuuno: Nanoha called an outstanding prodigy of TSAB…
Yuuno: And aren’t she not a person who just sit idly, didn’t her eyes always focused on the future?
Arisa: T-this is incredible…
Yuuno: Yes… You can’t even compare someone like me to her.

Yuuno: And not just Nanoha… Fate, Hayate and even Chrono.
Yuuno: From time to time I start to thought, that do I really belong here…
Arisa: Could it be…
Arisa: That you avoid Nanoha?
Yuuno: Today…
Yuuno: I would concentrate on my work.
Arisa: Yuuno…

Arisa: Hey… Yuuno!
Yuuno: Wha…
Yuuno: What are you doing Arisa?!
Arisa: Fun, unexpected an high…
Arisa: Then…
Arisa: Please take care of me!
Yuuno: Huh?

Yuuno: Arisa!!

Arisa: Could…
Arisa: Could you save me a bit gentler?
Yuuno:…Don’t say such nonsense please…
Arisa: Uh.
Arisa: Well…That was scary…
Yuuno: Do…
Yuuno: Don’t give me “That was scary”!
Yuuno: Why did you did that all of sudden?!

Arisa: What, are you angry Yuuno?
Yuuno: Aren’t it obvious, geez?
Arisa: Hm.
Arisa: For such crybaby, do you always was so cool?
Yuuno: Wha…?
Arisa: Aren’t you? Look today you sace two peoples, did you?
Arisa: Nanoha’s closest friend!
Yuuno: Arisa…
Arisa: Moreover, among those peoples, was I’m/
Arisa: I AM.
Arisa: Do you understand how import it was?

Yuuno: Bwa-ha-ha-ha!
Yuuno: I see, that’s right.
Yuuno: In the end, Arisa is Arisa.
Arisa: Why are you laughing?!
Arisa: You don’t get it at all?!
Yuuno:…I wouldn’t say so.
Yuuno: Thank you.
Arisa: Well…
Arisa: It’s good. If you understand…
Arisa: Maybe you should go and see Nanoha?
Yuuno: Hm, that’s right.
Yuuno: I’ll invite her on a dinner, today.
Arisa: Yuuno, about Nanoha what do you…

Suzuka: Hey, as I thought, it’s bad…
Fate: Shush, since it’s a good place!
Arisa: What are you two doing? Fate again!
Fate: A-Arisa?!
Fate: Uh, this… You can call it an observation on place of incident…
Arisa: Ah, I see, a work?
Fate: Yup, work!
Arisa; Hey, Bardish!
Arisa: Do the TSAB members use a mobile telephones in their work?
Bardish: No, they don’t
Fate: Bardish?!
Arisa: Hey, Fate stop right there!!
Fate: I…I still have work to do…!
Bardish: Aren’t the work already done and didn’t you already make a plans on a evening?
Fate: Bardish?!
Fate: Wah, wait Arisa?!
Suzuka: Arisa-chan!

Fate: Bardish.
Fate: I think we should talk about what happened this morning and evening!
Bardish: Sir! This was a mistake!

I devote this translation to our good friend 00-Raiser for all his work.
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