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Well the inner Moka is the "real" Moka, which Kokoa grew up with. The outer Moka is artificial.... I always wonder.. Theres gonna be a time where eventually Moka won't need the Rosary anymore... does that mean that Outer Moka is going to disappear? Or will the two personalities merge? I'm gonna have to go with the latter.
Yeah, I believe your right. I'm not sure I'm real wild about that though because I really like outer moka. I man, she is so super sweet, caring, and cute too. I mean, you can't blame Tsukune for falling head over heels in love with her. Heck, the only reason he has put himself through a year of hell and had the pulp beat out of him over and over is because of his feelings for her. Then imagine one day he discovers that outer moka doesn't even exist.

In a perfect story, Tsukune will somehow become some type of pure blood super duper vampire himself. Not just a super vampire mind you, but a super duper vampire. Maybe he will end up being the long lost prince to the entire clan or something like that. Then after he discovers his power and how he is 20 times stronger than the next strongest vampire, he then seduces inner Moka ripping the rosary from her chest while crushing it and informing her there's no need for the rosary since from here on out she will be at his side. Of course these actions will cause even inner moka to become flustered and become love sick with the typical anime Rosie checks. Then they will live happily ever after using their powers to fight monster crime in the monster world. Of course, the rest of Tsukune's harem will surround him and starting hugging on him like always trying to stop him from telling moka how he feels, but this time tsukune is gona slam each one of them off into the a wall or a tree and he will tell the girls something like "I appreciate your friendship but it's time for each of you girls to KNOW YOUR PLACE and stop interfering with my love for moka. Of course the girls in the harem will be completely shocked but they will be even more turned on and more in love with tsukune than ever.

Anyway, I would like to see something like that happen. I like in the US and we really do like our happy endings. However, in the short time I've been into anime and manga I have learned that a happy ending is not a sure thing at all. Matter of fact, since I've been into Anime and Manga, I've never seen so many un-statisfying and flat out sad endings in my like and that what really worries me about this story. It wouldn't be unlikely at all for Moka and Tsukune's romance to stay unresolved and this would bother me and piss me off.

Anyway, on a brighter not, the 1st English release of R+V is coming to bookstores in the US next month. Not too mention there is some R+V jewelery on eBay for sell and some other neat stuff for cheap. I'm not the seller, but I did buy a rosary replica for only $3.99 and $5 shipping and there are more. I just couldn't help myself.
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