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Well, Inner Moka seems quite fond of her Outer Moka persona - kinda like a little sister that's not nearly as clingy as Kokoa apparently is. She genuinely cares for Outer Moka despite wondering just how much of a ditz she is whenever Tsukune is involved. I think Moka will keep the rosario for a long time.
No matter how it may seem most of the time. I believe inner Moka really has deep feelings for Tsukune. She has said and done lots of things during the story so far that makes me believe she would be at a real loss if he wasn't around. I mean let's face it, she could easily get rid of him if she wanted too. She's cold to him because shes afraid he will get himself killed if he keeps trying to protect her all the time. If he were in the Human world, he would be safe and part of here wishes he were back in the human world were he would be safe. If he ever did actually go back to the human world, I believe inner moka would go retrieve him in no time at all.
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