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This is a fine place to post this I guess...

I'll finish watching this for the cute chara's but, reality is totally out the window here...
Sorry, she came out of a 500 year "sleep" for him. Right? She loves him unconditionaly, and then, she totally betrays him at the drop of a hat?
You refer to the third episode of the second season I guess. Well, the following text could help you to understand Horos behaviour:
A lot of people (also in other forums) seem to be very surprised about Horos mental breakdown and some even say that this is totally out of character. But you have to consider the following:

- Her absolut major fear is to be alone and forgotten! Therefore she is nursing precisely that fear.

- After standing a long time to a contract with a village, she was betrayed by the villagers and had to leave the very place where people swear to worship and not forget her. Therefore she is clinging to the thought of returning to her old hometown in order to be reunited with her family and friends.

- She is not used to the human feelings, since she didnt took the shape of a human girl and havent had a lot of contact to others for several hundred years. Therefore she is sometimes overwhelmed by emotions (she tells this to Lawrence when she burst into tears after the sewer-scene in Season 1).

- Right before she receives the letter from Lawrence, he raises Horos hopes to find her hometown immense by telling her that he got more information about Yoitsus location and expects that the letter holds even more information.

- She is a female (they often tend to overreact). :P

Couple that with the fear that Lawrence, the only one she has opened up to in umpteen years, seem to try to get rid of her, and its pretty clear (at least for me) where her degenaration comes from. Having events turn out to match one's fears can not be very easy to handle, and Horo doesn't have any sort of release valve except her emotions.

And also Horos blabbing about being alone and wanting a child is quite understandable for me, since she knows that Lawrences lifetime is only a blink of an eye for her. So she will be alone again very soon.
What Horo really needs is a friend of her own kind!
Someone she can spend a "goddess lifetime" with. Thats why she wished for a child.
Apart from that: Keep Watching... and maybe you will be surprised! ^^
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