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I like Horo's character because it's difficult to tell where the god ends and the woman begins. She's impatient, petty and insanely prideful. She is one of the more realistic embodiments of pride I've ever seen. A truly prideful woman, who cannot relent, is tough to make into a character that can be explored without it being too cliched and obnoxious (and at times it does ride that edge in the second season).

I appreciate that the novel's author is willing to take risks with her characterization. She's gone from sympathetic to just pathetic in the second season, and on reflection that takes a lot of guts to write (especially for a story like this that moves at a glacial pace).

Finally, it is a nice touch that Lawrence is the patient one. The most humorous aspect of this story is that it's the *guy* that's holding a sex-starved god-woman back. The icing on the cake is that fact that she's letting him do so, despite having ample opportunities to ditch him for instant gratification (this tale is prime doujin-bait).
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