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The Barefoot bandit, opinions

For the past two days I've been having some thoughts in the back of my mind about an article I read on Yahoo about this kid the press dubbed "The Barefoot Bandit". I would like to share my opinion about this kid and in doing so also share my opinion on this global society we all live or just exist in.

The kid who's name is Colton Harris- Moore was caught in a Miami Vice type of boat chase and was jailed in the Bahamas about two or three days ago. He is something of a folk hero to some and of course to others he a criminal and some what of a douche bag. I agree... with both.

When I first read of his exploits I have to be honest in saying I had a smile on my face. Just imagine the adventure and adrenalin rushes this kid must have felt for the last two years, some of us won't feel that our whole life, of course some don't want to. I for one have always had that adventure feeling since the day I was born. It took me all about four hours to decide to join the Navy. So I can sympathize with this kid. Imagine for a second if you will, what it would feel like to buck the system of society, to recklessly take life, strap it on your back and fly off a cliff to soar into the blue without restraints. Well he did steal a plane without having any flight training and crash landed without a scratch, but lets get back to my opinion ( you can read the story in the link I provided).

My impression of this kid is super intelligent and also a psychopath (to an extent that is). Certain studies have been preformed on the way psychopaths process feelings, and it has been found that their brain works differently in that they don't have that ultimate feeling of guilt that prevents most of us from doing wrong. Also his upbringing probably as a lot to do with his frame of mind. He is an expertly trained outdoors man, so his "survival" instinct is probably way beyond any one who's lived in the city. I would say he would best be suited for survival if there would be a world ending event. Man is after all an animal, and our instinct is to survive no matter what.

Freedom is also in our DNA, just as wild animals need to be free to roam and live, so do we humans. Imagine not having to go to work day in and day out, clocking in and out, short lunch hours and pain in the ass coworkers and customers. I mean it is a dream to be that free, at least to me it is. This leaves to problem of basic needs, everyone's gotta eat, sleep, be warm, and once in a while partake of the opposite sex's many enjoyable pleasures. In order to do such things one needs (at least in this reality) money. So here in lays the problem. Society is not set up to be equal, life is definitely not fair, and there needs to be some sort of equalizer fr those of us born without. So Colton basically decided to buck the system and just take what he wants when he wants it. I admire that, only because that is basically how modern society was created.

Now that is enough of me praising this guy, people like him (a few names come to mind... Hitler, Stalin, Sadam... you know the usual culprits) with just a little more tact and power have committed some of the most despicable crimes know to man. So I tend to find his actions just a bit laughable compared to theirs, yet still wrong.

The people from who he stole were mostly well off to rich people, so unless they came from nothing and made something of themselves I have no sympathy, sorry that's just how I feel. I mean the rich are at the top of the food chain, so for a really small fish it just feels good to see the shark get scared by the hook once in a while. That being said, if he were in my house and I were to catch him, he would not only be wearing a bulletproof vest ( which is ridiculous, because no rich person would risk their freedom to kill a guy that the insurance company already made up for.), he'd be in a c-collar, and have a wired jaw. It's just survival, just like I said.

So to conclude my (little) rant I would like to say, I think this kid did a good job at living life to the fullest, but in the end he should remember the one thing every cholo has tattooed somewhere on their body, laugh now, cry later.

Good luck, and don't drop the soap Colton.

There is a site where you can donate money for this guy's legal defense. I don't care to search for it, nor do I have the money to help, partly because I don't care and partly because he didn't take me with him! Though I don't know him personally.
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