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Firstly I want to thank everyone who said my op was good. I wanted to say more but I guess I just could not convey my thoughts as well as I planned to.

Originally Posted by Arbitres View Post
I won't go in depth besides me thinking he is a sad case of wasted potential.
I do not condone his actions, nor do I think they are living life to the fullest. But this is largely subjective. I apologize if I offended anyone.
Well I don't condone his actions either. What Iwas trying to convey in my post was that he amazed me. Also if you were worried you had offended me personally, don't worry because you didn't.

Originally Posted by sergho View Post
sounds like a bad case of bad parenting

if you had a chance to talk about him, you'd probably change your opinion of him

the press likes to create these folk heroes because it sells papers or tv
Oh you're absolutely right, the kid (I can tell even just from looking at his picture) is a complete douche, he reminds me of a guy I was in the Navy with (even looks like him a little) he was very smart and strong as shit, but always got into trouble. Although you're right about the media, this one kida sells it's self don't you think?

Originally Posted by justsomeguy View Post
I have sympathy for anybody raised by abusive, neglective, douchebag parents.
On the other hand, I do not have sympathy for criminals just because they came from broken homes. Colton Harris may not have had a choice in how he lived his life, but I feel bad for all the honest hard-working people who had their property which they bought with their hard-earned money stolen by him.
Well I have just a little issue with some of these comments. You are though right about the way criminals should be treated, but about him not having a choice in how he lived his life, I think you're mistaken on that part of it. I basically raised myself since I was 13, every decision I mad from that day on was my own. Hell I even wrote my own absence notes from school.There were many times I could have taken a bad path (I do live in Los Angeles after all) but I for the most part am a good guy and a functioning member of society, I never stole anything more than a soda from burger king, and I've never even tried weed (which I think should be legal) I pay my taxes, I work two jobs, and I even have returned wallets with all the money inside to their rightful owner. I had a shitty upbringing, but my choice was to do the right things, colton basically made the opposite choice, and is now going to pay the consequences.

Originally Posted by ChainLegacy View Post
I'm definitely impressed. I don't agree with everything he did but one thing I know is, even if I wanted to I could not pull off what he did. That alone earns some degree of respect from me.
A small degree of respect is merited,I mean I even respect Diego Maradona a little bit, and I do consider him a sociopath after all...

Originally Posted by Who View Post
Reminds me of Frank Abagnale, Jr., but to a lesser degree (guy the movie 'Catch Me If You Can' was based off).
That's funny because I thought the same thing while I was reading the article, though I doubt the FBI will be offering colton a job any time soon...

Originally Posted by Cub-Sama View Post
Hmm so how long until Grand Theft Auto 4 is blamed for this guy's behaviour? Because that sounds a lot like Just Cause 2 and GTA, run around steal something, steal a helicopter, crash and keep running from the police
I blamed it even before this happened! J/K Somewhere some mom is starting an organization as we speak cub, but don't worry she'll never beat the corporate giants cub, she never will.

Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
I have a couple of issue with what you wrote.

1. how do you know those people are Rich? Just because some of them have a bit more then most other people doesn't make them rich or even if they can be consider rich. Doesn't make them deserve having their broken into or property stolen. Also even if the money was inherited, so what? They didn't steal it, if you feel it is unfair for people to inherit wealth then write to congressman and ask them to increase the inheritance tax.
You are right, I don't know that they are rich, also I know that some of them were hard working shop owners and people who made it big on their own merit. I have to apologize, that I didn't convey that properly in my op. I have many flaws in my character, one being that I envy people whom have things I don't. So I did go overboard a bit by saying that only rich people got hurt. My intent in opening up this post was to also get other people's opinions on this subject. I don't think people who inherit money are bad people, I just wish I was one of them. Though what they do to keep that money and add to it is probably another subject for another thread.

Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
He also didn't just steal form "Rich People" (please define Rich). he also stole form everyone including shop owners and vandalize property with his breaking and enter. Do you know who ends paying for that, you and me. The insurance company (that is if the shop had insurance beyond basic fire) will reimburse the shop owner, then the Ins Company will raise the shop owners rates and the rates of other small business to cover the lost. The Shop owners will raise thier prices to cover the increase in Ins cost. So who lose in the end? Everyone who lives in the area, who will now have to pay higher prices.
On this you are also right, I see people in the hospital every night that suck my tax money right out of my pocket, yet I still treat them with respect and dignity. Those people that pay the taxes you are talking about (the one who own high powered boats, small air craft, and stores) pay less of a percentage tax than I do. Have you heard of capital gains tax? Yeah look it up and you will see that rich people (those who make over $250,000 a year) pay less taxes than non rich people like myself who gets taxed 30% of my income. They pay more money out but they get to keep more of that money for themselves. So sorry if I piss you off with this next statement, but I do think the scum of the Earth runs the earth. I also do so wish I was part of that scum though No offense Xellos I think highly of you so I hope you don't take this as me insulting you.

Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Wrong focus.

The real psychopaths and sociopaths rise to the top of the food chain. They are the CEO's, the CIO's, the people right behind the world leaders (if not the leaders themselves). We, as a society, reward the sociopath by giving them more of what they want: power.

It's what we value. We want someone to tell us what to do, and gladly give up all control over much of our lives in the process. This kid took and did as he pleased, and yes, when he gets out of prison and decides to play the game, he'll become of those that takes from you on a far grander scale.

Ask yourself if that's really what you want, before you start idolizing.

Of course, taking is all well and good if you actually plan to use it to overthrow the current order. A little revolution now and again is a good thing. Reminds those sociopaths exactly who is supposed to be in charge.
Wrong focus? Well it's my opinion. You are right about the CEO's and all that, but you are wrong about idolization of this kid (at least by me) I don't idolize him, in fact there is nothing more I hate than bullies and thieves. I was just thinking what it would be like to not have that concern of the daily life where work and money are number one and mental happiness and physical rest take a backseat to bills and taxes. I just admired his freedom, short as it was. I don't agree with what he did at all, but in my imagination I put myself in his place for a split second and fond some joy. As for him being a sociopath/psychopath I totally think he is. Good thing his mind went the course of taking things rather than killing people.
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