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Originally Posted by taichi-kun View Post
Look at kallen and gino in this picture :

Spoiler for

Do you think that after lulu's death , sunrise wanted a kallenxGino ?
If I remember correctly, the Kallen image in this picture came straight out of a spread for season 1 in a magazine. There was also a love map in the zero requiem dvd that had nothing for Kallen x Gino. If Sunrise wanted Kallen x Gino to happen, it could have. Easily could have added something for Gino to Kallen's post season materials(Mostly Lelouch based). Their relationship was just lacking development wise compared to Lelouch's and Kallen's relationship and others.

Like her ending, I think the creators wanted to show Kallen going about her life(Her character song is beautiful). She still loves Lelouch. Romance for Kallen in the future, its left for fanfiction.

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