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Two Sides of Holo:

Dear Guys:

I was thinking about this last night. That there are two sides of Holo's complex personality.

There's the side of her that's a six hundred year old deity. She has seen more than enough of human nature, its both good and bad sides. She's seen how stupid people can be, and also how clever they can be, when they have too. This spirt part of her is very wise in a way, she knows how things must end. This wolf side of her, also, knows the loneliness of living for six hundred years plus, and possibly never seeing her friends again, and it possibly this part the ancient part of her struggles with the most.

Then there's the part of her that is a fifteen year old girl. This is the part of her that blushes, when a stranger starts giving her compliments (even though she knows he's pulling an act). This is the part of her, that likes to indulge in food and beer, This is the part of her that likes to dress up and look in the mirror, and know she's beautiful and catch any boys eye. This part of her, probably enjoys giving Lawrence grief when she gives him a bad time, and is half that gets upset when other girls get our favorite peddler attention.

Any other comments on Holo's two sides. And which do you think is stronger? And in the end do you think Holo might need Lawrence just a tad more than Lawrence needing her?

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