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Originally Posted by JThree View Post
Two Sides of Holo
There are way too many facets to her personality to boil things down to two sides I actually think that she plays up her childish side somewhat as a front to make it easier to excuse her darker aspects (and that Lawrence has known this all along).

Originally Posted by JThree View Post
In the end do you think Holo might need Lawrence just a tad more than Lawrence needing her?
I think so. I think she carefully chose him, rather than jumping randomly into his cart. She clearly relies on him to satisfy her emotional needs more than he relies on her for the same (hell, she doesn't know how in most cases).

But then, it's clear that he isn't going to be letting go of her. Whether he "needs" her or not is irrelevant as of the end of the second season, because he clearly values her above his own needs.
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